How to Delete Contacts in Mautic?

How to delete contacts in Mautic

How to Delete Contacts in Mautic?

How to Delete Contacts in Mautic?

It’s pretty simple to delete contacts in mautic. There are basically 2 methods to delete mautic contacts.

Method – 1:  Delete contacts manually
Method – 2 : Delete contacts in Bulk using campaigns

Delete Mautic contacts manually

– Go to the Contacts tab on your Mautic
– select the contact you want to delete
– Click on the dropdown on the Column header
– now select delete contacts and all the selected contacts will be deleted permanently.


Delete Contacts in Bulk using Campaigns

– Add all the contacts you want to delete from mautic to a specific segment

– Now segments have been created go to a Campaigns
– Click on the New campaign
– Name your campaign and click on the Launch campaign builder

– choose a “Segment” you want to delete data from as a contact source
– Now Select the Action module and then select a “Delete Contact” action from the drop-down.

– give a Name to your action and click on the +Add button
– Close Builder
– Publish your campaign and Save & Close your campaign


Voila, Now once your cronjobs will be executed all of your available contacts in the segment will be deleted from your Mautic.

How to Delete Contacts in Mautic?
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How to Delete Contacts in Mautic?
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