A-Z Mautic Installation Guide – Install Mautic in cPanel Via Softaculous App

install mautic in Cpanel

A-Z Mautic Installation Guide – Install Mautic in cPanel Via Softaculous App

Mautic Installation Guide:

Mautic is an Open Source Email Marketing Automation Software, and you need to install mautic on your system. With its modern approach to marketing automation, Mautic’s suite of tools enables marketers and businesses to deliver higher-performing campaigns with superior results.

To install Mautic email Marketing automation in Cpanel using the Softaculous app installer, you required Cpanel credentials, Subdomain and an email address.

 Let’s begin to install mautic in Cpanel:


Step1: Login to your Cpanel account.

Mautic installation


Step 2: Create your email address for that go to “Email Accounts” under the Email section. Click Create option to make a new email address for Mautic. 

email creation

email creation


email creation

After an email has been created, save your email address and password somewhere to use in the future. 


Step3: Create a Subdomain

Let’s create a subdomain on which you want to install Mautic. 

Go to the Subdomains of your Cpanel to create it.

create subdomain

You can create a subdomain with any name. 

Here I’m creating a subdomain with the name “email”. So my subdomain will be email.mindchemist.com as my domain name is mindchemist.com

subdomain create

Step 3:  Softaculous App Installation

Search for Softaculous App in Cpanel Dashboard. 

Softaculous All Installer


Search for Mautic in Softaculous App in the search box. 

mautic using Softaculous All Installer



Click Install Now button to install Mautic. 

install Mautic

In software setup, if you have https SSL certificate then select https:// in Choose Protocol option. Choose your subdomain which you have created earlier. And leave blank for the directory. 

Mautic Software setup

Now set up an Admin account. Use email which you want to use for Mautic (Created earlier). Ank click on install. 

mautic setup

And Mautic will start installing to your Cpanel. It takes approx about 5-10 mins depending upon your internet speed. And Mautic link has been created which is your subdomain. 

mautic installation

Login to Mautic with your Subdomain user id and password. 


mautic installation

Mautic has been successfully installed using Softaculous App.

If you have any queries or need any Mautic related help please reach out to me.


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