How to Set Up Mautic Forms | Step-by-Step Guide to Mautic Custom Forms

setup mautic forms

How to Set Up Mautic Forms | Step-by-Step Guide to Mautic Custom Forms

Forms are still lead generation of solopreneur websites and a special part of the marketing automation system. 

A form is used to gather user data and information often in exchange for giving access to a download, event registration, or an email newsletter. 


Forms allow you to collect user contact data and add additional data to their profile.


There are two types of forms in Mautic.

  • Campaign Form: Contact form acts as the primary contact source for a particular campaign in Mautic and form submission actions are controlled by campaign builder.


  • Standalone Form: In Standalone form can have all submit actions configured directly within the form.


Steps to create Mautic Form: 

Step 1: Login to your Mautic Account.  Select Forms option under Components.


Create forms


Step 2: Add New Form

To create a new mautic form, Click “New” Option.

new form

And you will have the option of choosing a campaign form or standalone form. Select the form type which you want to create. Here selecting a Standalone Form. 


Form Types


Step 3: Create your Mautic Form.

Regardless of which option you choose for creating Mautic form, you will be brought to a form builder that offers identical form options.

In the details, you can add your form name, along with its description. And you can also decide what will happen after the user submits your form.

  • Name:  Title your form, you may want to search for the form in Mautic.


  • Description: Add a description of mautic form, so other users can know  what is the goal of the form. It can also include information like the form creation date and any pages where the form appears.


  • Successful Submit Action: Options include
    • Remain at form: nothing appears to happen at form.
    • Redirect URL: directs user to another page, such as a thank you page after the form submission
    • Display message: It shows a message over the form once the user submitted the form.


  • Redirect URL/Message: If you’re using the Redirect URL option, paste the URL in the box where you’d like to redirect users after successful submission. And if you use the Display message, enter the message to display on form submission.

standalone form

After adding form details go to “Fields” Option. A form can contain as many fields as needed. 

In the “Fields” section, you can select from a number of different field types such as text, date, checkbox, description area, country list, and more.

Here in the example, we’re selecting the “Text” field which allows us to take the user’s Name. 

mautic forms

You’ll get a below screen to customize your form field. 

  • Label:  It is the title of your field.


  • Show label?: When the label is set to No, it doesn’t display on the form.


  • Save result?: When the result is set to No, mautic form doesn’t save the data entered in the list. If you map the form field to a mautic contact field, Mautic still saves the data to the contact information.


  • Default value: when the user doesn’t submit data for the field, you may add a default value to submit with the form. This is useful for hidden fields and reporting.


  • Help message: you can add a custom help message.


  • Input placeholder: It adds text within the mautic form field, acting as a label or help message. 

mautic form setup


Select pre-existing property according to your custom mautic field and match both the fields to save the user’s record in mautic database.

Mautic form fields

In Validation, 

  • Required: Labels for required fields will have an asterisk (*) to indicate fields are required and mautic won’t accept the form submissions without data in the required fields. 

Form Validation


In Attributes,

  • Field HTML name: The machine name for the form field. It is an HTML name when you’re connecting Mautic forms to other forms or when you’re using a manual copy function to manually add the form to any website or application.


  • Label attributes: Changes the way the label text appears in the form. For example, to change the label to blue, use style=”color: blue” or style=”color: #0000ff.


  • Input attributes:  Changes the appearance of any text inside the form field. This change may apply to the input placeholder text, text will be entered by the user submitting the form, or the options for select fields when Allow Multiple option is set to yes.


  • Field container attributes: Changes the form field. If you may want to change the box size, fill color in the box,  rounded edges, or any other properties of the actual form field.

form attribute tab

Behavior Tab,

The behavior tab helps to improve the experience for the user completing the form. 

  • Show when a value exists: If the user is known and tracked and a value for the form field exists on the contact’s record, Mautic can hide the field. You can hide this field by setting this to NO.


  • Show after X submissions: This is the key to progressive profiling. If you’re going to use the same form in various places on your website. You can enter a field value between 1 to 200. The goal of this field is to shorten the form. It hides fields when values exist.


  • Auto fill data: If the user is already known and tracked and a value for the form field exists on the contact’s record,  mautic can fill the pre-existing data into the field.

form behavior tab

Once you’ve customized the field to you want for your mautic form, click “Add.”

Then, repeat the same process with as many fields as you need to create your perfect mautic form.

mautic form setup

Step 4: 

You can select the theme from the right-hand side of the form builder. You can also edit general properties such as the category, publishing information, and theme.

Form category

Step 5: Add action to your form.

form action tab


Select the action you want to add which will happen after the user submits form.


Once your mautic form is created, click the “Save and Close” button in the top right corner. Now you can add your form to whichever landing page you want to add. 

If you have any queries or need any Mautic related help please reach out to me.



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