Mautic Installation Guide: How to Install Mautic Manually Using Cpanel

Install mautic manually

Mautic Installation Guide: How to Install Mautic Manually Using Cpanel

Mautic Installation Guide:

To install Mautic email marketing automation manually using Cpanel, you mainly required an email address, subdomain, and your Cpanel credentials. 

Let’s begin to install Mautic email marketing using Cpanel:


Step 1:

Log in to your Cpanel account.


Mautic installation


Step 2: Email Address Creation.

 Go to “Email Accounts” under the Email section. Click Create option to make a new email address for Mautic email marketing tool. 


email creation


email creation


email creation


After an email has been created, save your email address and password somewhere to use in the future.


Step 3: Create a Subdomain

Let’s create a subdomain on which you want to install Mautic email marketing tool. 

Go to the Subdomains of your Cpanel to create it.


create subdomain


subdomain create


You can create a subdomain with any name. 

Here I’m creating a subdomain with the name “email”. So my subdomain will be as my domain name is


Step 4: Mautic installation files

Go to to get Mautic installation files. 

Select Download Mautic under the Release Option from website navigation tab Download. 


download mautic


And you will get a below screen.




Fill up your basic details and click download and Mautic files will start to download. 


mautic download


Step 5: Once your file is downloaded, go to your Cpanel to create a database for Mautic. 

Select “MYSQL®️ Databases” under the Database Option. Create a new database with the name Mautic. You can create a database of your preferred name. 


sql creation


mysql database


Step6: Create user for your Database:

Go down to ”MySQL®️Databases” and you will find the option of Adding New User to your database. 

Create new username and password. Keep in mind that Database name and username should be the same. Save this password somewhere so it will help you in further steps. 


user creation



Step 7: Now add the user to the database.

Select your username and database name from dropdown menu. 

Here, Username – Mautic and Database – Mautic. 

Click add. 




Step 8: Upload Mautic installation files

Go to the Subdomain Root folder in File Manager. 



mautic installation


Click upload to add Mautic installation files. Go back to your root folder once the upload is done. 


mautic installation


Extract your Mautic installation zip folder. 


mautic files


Step 9: Launch Mautic Web Installer

Go to Your Mautic URL which is your subdomain. 


mautic login


Mautic is now ready to install. 

If you get any PHP environment error then please check your PHP version set for domain and upgrade it. 

Make database setup by adding created database name, username and password before in Cpanel.


mautic setup


Create a Mautic Administrative User. 

Use email address which we have created before for Mautic installation. 

mautic setup2



And you’ll get your Mautic login screen.




mautic installation

 Mautic email marketing tool has been successfully installed using Cpanel.


If you have any queries or need any Mautic related help please reach out to me.

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