How to Add Mautic Custom Fields (Merge Tags) for Personalized Email

Merge Tags for Personalized email

How to Add Mautic Custom Fields (Merge Tags) for Personalized Email

Mautic has so many different merge tags or can say Mautic custom fields which you can include in email templates to give a personalized feel to the person who receives the email to build a better business relationships.

Instead of an email addressed to “Hi there!”Saying the first name “Hi John” would be better. Mautic helps you personalize your emails easily, using information from any contact field on their profile in Mautic.

To add merge tags (mautic custom fields) in your emails,

Step1: Go to emails under channels and click on New to create your personalized email.

mautic dashboard


Select the type of your email. Here I’m selecting Template email. 

email template


Step 2:  Add required details of email such as Subject, Internal Name, Category. And click builder to create email. 

email template


Step 3: Here, to insert personalized information of contact in the email, you have to just type the left brace – { – and the first few letters of the field you want to insert in email. 

For instance, “{fir” would show up the relevant field code for the first name field. 

email using mautic merge tags

-To add a company name just write- {comp and it will bring up all the company-related fields you can use in your email.

merge tags

If you want to add unsubscribe text in your email, you should write:- {unsubscribe_text}‍ 


Step 4: Once your personalized email template is created, save your email and close it.

email with mautic custom fields


Step 5: Now let’s do test email. For that go to the contacts option from the left navigation menu.

Mautic Merge tags


send custom field email


Select your template email which you’ve created earlier and click to send it.

mautic custom fields


Let’s check the email in the inbox.

personalised email marketing

And that’s how you can add merge tags /Mautic custom fields while you create personalized emails to build more trust with good relationships and gain more business.

Start creating your personalized emails for better business.

If you have any queries or need any Mautic related help please reach out to me.

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